Shardul Shekhar

I am charmed with the idea of becoming a child again; thereby it happens to be seen through my artworks as well. After coming to London ,my exposure to this new environment and a mega-city created a lot of upsurge within me that helped me to redirect my restless creative energy by making artworks.

The curiosity and innocence within me encourages to explore the underlying emotions and thoughts within the paroxysm of experience. Through the simplicity in the lines and forms I choose to express my feelings in the visual manifestation of the dilemma between the 'Inside Reality' and the 'Outside Reality'; to connect the both realms of realities & express myself with freewill and liberty. The spontaneous bold brush strokes with a distinct color palette consists wide range of colors & forms to express in a playful approach. I attempt to absorb and move with the flow of the situations and circumstances which affects both, my application of paint & subject matter of my paintings. It can be said that my works tries to justify the amalgamation of contrast moods of reality.
The layers of my paintings with forms, texture, color & tones creates a mood which are created by the happening of happy accidents with numerous unknown possibilities which carries the painting further and beyond.

'Trapped within the dogmatic situation in search for the fulfillment of desires takes us away from knowing ourselves', such subjects are depicted in numerous compositions.Usually my artworks deals with the idea of post-performative aesthetics using different medias and assembled structures.


"There is no ultimate goal all that is, is immediate, the immediacy itself is the ultimate each  step is the goal, each moment is the goal. For that (immediacy) goal-less, immediate life innocence is needed, not knowledge. Innocence, like a child-what Dionysius calls a luminous ignorance, an enlightened state of not knowing"



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